December Empties

Monday, 15 January 2018

Wahheeyyy, this post is well overdue. December was pretty hectic for me so I didn't really get the time to sit and enjoy blogging. Even when I did find the time to blog, I thought it was best for me to spend some time with my family instead and to be honest, Christmas for me is all about spending time with loved ones, oh - and the food. But enough of Christmas as it was literally last year and now we've all got a whole new year to look forward to. I've been doing these empties post for a while now and couldn't bring myself to stop doing them. I guess it's better late than never!

First thing I want to quickly talk about is one of my favourite shampoo which is the juicy green apple by Alberto Balsam. The scent is my favourite thing about this shampoo, if they made it this scent into a candle or into a perfume then I would probably run out to the nearest shop to buy it.

Next thing up is the L'Oreal Infallible 24 hour matte foundation. I had a bit of a love/hate relationship with this foundation. It wasn't exactly my skin colour, it was a tad bit dark for me even though it was the latest shade and it wasn't a full coverage foundation even though I'm pretty sure it claimed to be but on the other hand, I really liked how it looked on my skin. If they bought out a shade that actually matched my skin colour then I'd probably go out and repurchase is but I'm on a quest to find an amazing foundation which is actually my skin colour and has good coverage.

During the winter months, I was burning the Fairy Dust candle by Lily Flame and it isn't the first time that I've used this candle. I was given one for my birthday last year (same scent) and I actually really enjoyed it. Despite it being such a tiny candle, the scent was strong (I didn't find it overpowering but I could understand if some people did) and was able to fill my entire bedroom with it's gorgeous scent. They are on the pricey side but I think if you know a candle lover then I'd totally recommend looking at their website for some ideas!

A product that I bought last winter was the tea tree and witch hazel body spray. I have a lot of spots on my shoulders and back and in the summer, I get a bit self conscious about them. Not so much during the winter because I can easily hide them with a big fluffy jumper but during the summer when I'm wearing t shirts, I admit that I do get a bit embarrassed by them. I used it mostly during the winter to try and get rid of them before the summer and it did work a tiny bit but the only thing that put me off using them was that I hated waiting for it to dry on my skin before I got dressed and during the winter, I was freeeeezing!

The final thing that I used up last year, is the TRESemme wave creating foam. I love wavy/curly hair, it's one of my favourite hair styles and I try and give myself curly/wavy hair whenever I can. Due to my big moon head, I don't really suit having straight hair as it makes me look like a horse and I will fight anyone who disagrees with me. Whenever I got out the shower, I would wait till my hair was slightly damp and then add a few squirts of this into my hair and scrunch it in and it would create a lovely wavy hairstyle. The scent was also pretty delicious too! Which is one reason why I like using TRESemme hair products, they all smell amazing.


How I Want To Improve My Mental Health

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Just a few things I would like to try and do in 2018

One of my New Year's Resolution is to look after my mental health a lot more. I found that during 2017, I stressed myself out quite a bit and could feel that I was becoming quite a stressful person. Even my boyfriend and pull me to one side to tell me that he had noticed that I was getting angry for no reason. I will confess, as a whole, I'm quite an angry person and I really don't mean to or intend to. Sometimes I feel like I can't help it. Definitely around 'that time of the month' I feel an uncontrollable rage which I hate feeling but I honestly cannot help the way I snap at people. I hate it. I thought I would write in this blog post about the ways I want to be able to de-stress myself and just make sure as a whole, I'm way more happier. Here's a list of ways I want to help my mental health.

Look at the bigger picture

Will whatever is bothering me matter in a few years time? Probably not, in fact, it probably won't even matter in 24 hours. The best thing to do is to step back, look at the bigger picture and try and calm down.

Talking about things

They say that laughter is the best medicine but I also think that talking is pretty good medicine. Sometimes, just getting things off your chest feels so much more better. It's also nice to get a different  perspective on things.

Getting a decent nights sleep

I know that getting a good nights sleep does absolute wonders for me and yet, I don't know why I intend on staying up so late. It's ridiculous. Whenever I don't get a decent amount of sleep, I tend to find myself getting quite snappy with people which is why I really want to try and get enough sleep every day.

Stop looking for the two blue ticks

Whenever I find that someone has left me on read, I always thing of the worst i.e. I've really annoyed them and now they can't stand me. But the majority of the time, it's probably because their busy and have completely forgotten to reply. Which is why I want to spend 2018 not checking my phone every ten minutes to see if they've replied and that leads me onto my next step...

Spend less time on social media

It's so easy to get wrapped up in other peoples live and feel like your life is completely boring and not going anywhere but that isn't the case. People only tend to post the good things that are happening in their lives and with everyone being quite gullible, we tend to think they're living the good life 24/7. I could spend hours and hours scrolling through people's Instagrams and I always find that I end up feeling down about myself which is something I want to stop in 2018.

Staying out of the drama

I consider myself quite a curious person and sometimes in my spare time, I do a bit of snooping and I don't know why because again, I always feel down about myself. It also really bothers me when people ask for my advice and I spend ages going through all the possible scenarios only for them to do the complete opposite. It proper winds me up and it's why I intend on staying in my own lane for 2018. As I write this down, I think the best thing for me to do is to spend an unhealthy amount playing the sims 4 instead of going on social media. It's probably the best thing for me, ha.

Writing stuff down

If you know me then you'll know that I love to complain about things. I could spend hours and hours banging on about things and I know people get annoyed with me for doing it but it's just something that I have to do in order to get it out my system. For Christmas, my boyfriend bought me a note book which allows me to vent about anything and everything I want to, and the best bit? No one gets to hear me! I can say whatever I want to!

Focusing on myself

2018 is the year, I just want to think about myself. I know this sounds selfish but I spend a lot of my time wondering what everyone else is doing with their life and sometimes forget to do what's best for me. I recently gave myself a goal to achieve in the first couple of months of 2018 and just by doing that, I was too busy being motivated by that to even think about anyone else. It felt pretty good to just watch people get on with their lives and not actually care about that they're doing!

Healthier eating

I know, I know that everyyyooonnnneeeee who makes New Year's Resolutions probably says this but I've found that when you're feeling your body with the good stuff, it makes you feel a lot better about yourself. I found that when I completely cut gluten out of my diet, within the first 48 hours, I was so much happier. I cannot stress at how miserable I was because of how gluten effected my body. It was quite possibly the worst things I've ever gone through and I don't even care if that sounds dramatic, it's how I felt back then.

So those are just a few things that I would like to try and do in 2018 to try and improve my mental health. I'll probably do a update six months down the line to let you know how I'm getting on with them!


Why 2017 Was An Amazing Year

Sunday, 31 December 2017

I've been doing these blog posts for about three years now and I love writing them out. They take me absolutely ages to do but I don't mind because it gives me a chance to reflect on the year I've just had. 2017 has been such a good year for me but I'll be honest, 2016 was better. I just happened to do a lot more that year but this year, I decided to crack down on my savings. If life goes the way I want it to, I'm planning on moving out in three years time, in three years I'll be 25 and hopefully getting on with life. But enough of that, here's why 2017 was an amazing year for me.


All the way back at the start of the month, my boyfriend and I decided we needed a mini break from the hectic Christmas we both had. Cardiff is pretty much next door to us so we thought it was a great place for us to go, plus, we both love it there. We spent two nights in Cardiff and for those three days it was really jam packed. We didn't really stop but that's how we like to roll. 


February is my birthday month! This year I celebrated turning twenty two and I actually wasn't worried or nervous about getting a year older. I did go away for my birthday up to Manchester but like the absolute donut I am, I forgot my memory card for my camera. 
Also, in February, I tried to read 30 books within the year but failed miserably. 


March was a bit of a boring month for me as not much really happened. March was the month that I did start to run and I was doing it weekly for a while but then I suddenly stopped doing it which is a shame because I wanted to look after my body a lot more. I think for my New Year's Resolution I'm going to treat my body and mind with a lot more respect.
Another thing that happened in March, was that Ed Sheeran released his album!! I was over the moon when I found that he was releasing another album. He is hands down one of my favourite artists out there.


April was a pretty cool month for me because I managed to get tickets for Ed Sheeran! It was the second time that I had seen Ed Sheeran and was pretty excited to see him play in a smaller arena than Wembley (that's where I saw him the first time) as it felt a lot more intimate. He's an amazing performer and if you ever get the chance to see him then I would totally recommend you do so!


Another boring month, all I did was work so I can't really talk about much in this section!


June was the month were my boyfriend and I ventured out to Oxford. It's been yeeeaarrsss since I last went to to Oxford! All I can remember from our day out was that it was soooo hot. It must of been the hottest day of the year because it was boiling. The train ride home was ridiculous because everyone was just sweating and it was gross. Ew. But still, we had a great time out and I'm very happy with how the photos came out!


Weymouth was our monthly destination in July. As you can see from the photos above, the weather was miserable. Completely different to how the weather was in Oxford! The weather didn't ruin our plans though, we still had a good day out and spend the day well.


I spent a week with my family and boyfriend up north in August and it was just so nice to have over a week off work to do absolutely nothing. I loved it. It was also nice to spend some quality time with my family as I hardly get to see them. We spent the week by traveling to Manchester, Blackpool, the Lake District and Yorkshire. 


September is one of my favourite months because it's when everyone goes back to school and there's a slight drop in the weather. September doesn't really signify anything to me anymore seeing as I'm not involved with education anymore but I still enjoy it. For me, and I know it sounds sad but it really is the countdown till Christmas. I actually listen to a lot of Christmas songs in September! Which I do end up regretting because I end up losing the Christmas spirit, even on Christmas Eve. 


Again, October is one of my favourite months because this is when things do get chilly but apart from that, the weather isn't that bad. Oh and I really like when the evenings start getting darker earlier. 


During November, my boyfriend and I spent a few days in Cardiff and I would love to show some of the photos but I want to keep my private life as private as possible!


I finally got the chance to visit Winter Wonderland this year!!! Ahh, I thought it was amazing and loved every second of it - even if it was extremely expensive. I'm hoping that I can make it into a yearly thing and go every year!

So that was my year in review. I'm typing this up on Boxing Day and I'm currently on my own in my house and to be honest, I really like being on my own at the moment. I worked seven days in a row and in those days some shifts were busy plus I worked Christmas Eve and Christmas Day so I like having time on my own and just using this time to recharge my batteries. I hope you've all had an amazing 2017, and here's to 2018! Bring it on!


Merry Christmas Everyone

Monday, 25 December 2017

Just a quick blog post to say MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! I hope you all have a wonderful time however you all spend it. Today I'll be working a few hours and then once I'm home, I'll be stuffing my face and watching TV for hours on end with my family. I can't wait. Oh, and I'm excited to open a few presents later on.

**Not my photo and all credits go to the owner**


Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Friday, 22 December 2017

On the 17th, I really was walking in a Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland was a place that I desperately wanted to visit. I tried to had to go last year but due to my boyfriend's work place, he couldn't get the time off work. This year, however, we both managed to get time off to visit. We had a great time and couldn't really fault it, although it was very, very pricey but it wasn't that surprising considering we were in London. 

Weather wise, we were extremely lucky. As you can see from the photos, there wasn't a cloud in the sky! Normally in December, the weather is awful,it's just grey and miserable but luckily, the weather was on our side.

Whilst at Winter Wonderland, we bought tickets for the giant wheel, the ice sculptures and the bar ice. We enjoyed all of them and I suggest getting tickets for all of them - especially the bar ice! It was cool. Sorry. 

Unfortunately, I forgot to take photos in the bar ice but even if I did remember, it would of been an absolute faff due to the massive gloves they give you to wear. At the bar ice, your given a token for a free cocktail which is pretty good.

The magical ice kingdom is something else that you have to see when you visit Winter Wonderland. The sculptures are absolutely breathtaking, it must of taken months and months to sculpt all that ice! Be sure to wrap up warm before entering as it gets very cold! 

The final thing I would recommend you go on is the giant wheel. As I said before, we were gifted with such good weather that when we got to the top of the wheel, we could see the London skyline. I do think at night it would be just as good seeing the skyline and all the pretty lights in Winter Wonderland.

I would love to go back to Winter Wonderland, I can't really fault it - apart from it being hella expensive. The only tip I would give to people is to buy tokens right before you go on the rides (we bought in a bulk go and ended up not using all of them.) And if I had to recommend a ride to go on, it would probably be the Wild Mouse XXL (it's German) as that was pretty scary. Like, my eyes started to cry whilst we were on it. 

So despite it being on the expensive side, I am planning on going back next year. At least I have from now until December 2018 to save my money. Ha.

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