The Two Products I Swear By

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

My skin has been looking amazing since I've been using these two products

Not to blow my own horn or anything but my skin has been looking pretty fantastic for the past couple of months. I'm hardly having any break out and my skin looks so hydrated and dewy, I'm in love. Growing up, my skin wasn't awful, I did have some spots but that's down to hormones and puberty. Now that I'm in my twenties and well out of my teenage years, I'm obviously not going through puberty anymore my skin has settled down quite a bit. I still have the odd mini breakout on my chin and around my lips but that only happens once a month...I'll say no more. What inspired me to write this blog post was the other week at work, I had next to nothing makeup on. All I had was a tiny bit of concealer under my eyes, powdered foundation and some bit of mascara and one of my friends said "your highlighter is really poppin today Kyla!" I looked at her puzzled and she replied to my puzzled face  by saying "you're not wearing any highlighter are you?" This is how good my skins been looking and I'm over the moon with it.

I've already mentioned on my blog about how much I love the 9 to 5 cleansing lotion from Lush. Out of the two products that I use daily, I reckon this the product that has helped my skin the most. Back when I bought it, the lady who served me said that my skin would look amazing after using it and she was right! I use this pretty much every night to remove my makeup and it does a pretty good job of removing it and every now and then I find that I have to double up on the amount I use but it's normally when I wear heavy eye makeup. 

When I was a teenager, I would hardly every moisturise my skin. I have combination skin but back when I was a teen I would say it was more on the oily side and I hated it. I remember I use to use a lot of toner to try and strip back the amount of oil on my face but it just means that my skin will produce more to replace the oil that I've removed from my skin. 
Last Christmas I received a Nivea set and one of the products was a daily moisturiser for sensitive skin and I swear down that ever since using it, my skin has looked 100% better. The product shown in the photo isn't the original moisturiser that I was using, I ended up using it all up a few days ago and had to run out to buy some more and I decided to go for the light moisturising day cream tailored for normal and combination skin. I do find that this moisturiser is a lot thicker than the other one so I only really need a small amount in order for my entire face to be covered.

If you're interested in purchasing the Nivea moisturiser then please click here. Nivea also do a lot of other moisturisres so it might be worth having a look and grabbing some in your local Boots!
If you're interested in the 9 to 5 cleansing lotion from Lush then please click here. 

October Edition | I'm Currently

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Find out what I'm doing currently doing in October

Watching: IT & 13 Reasons Why.
The last film I watched at the cinema was IT and that was last month. I haven't gone to the cinema in a good month purely because there hasn't been anything decent recently. Having said that, IT was a really good film and if they're still showing it at your local cinema then it's worth a watch!
A TV series that I've recently started to watch is 13 Reasons Why and I'm just over half way through it. I'm completely obsessed with it and I don't think it will take me long to finish.

Reading: IT by Stephen King.
This a gigantic book and it's going to take me years to finish. I received this when I was about 15/16 but couldn't really get into it but now that I'm a bit older I'm going to see if I can try and read it all. My mum says it's a really good book and I'm only a few pages in so I'm excited to actually get into it.

Yep, I've mentioned this candle before on my blog but for the life of me I can't remember which blog post I last mentioned it in. The more I smell it the more I think that it comes across as a Christmassy scent. I found this candle in a charity shop and it hadn't been used and only cost me about £3 which is a bit of a bargain.

Listening: Electra Heart by Marina & The Diamonds
Electra Heart in my eyes is hands down the best album ever. I love the ideology of it and I love pretty much all the songs on it. I put on some of her songs at work and realised how much I love them.

Excited for: Cardiff!
My boyfriend and I are spending our two year anniversary in Cardiff and I cannot wait. We've booked a really nice hotel and can't wait to have a few days off work and just chill out before the hectic Christmas months.


More Advice To My Younger Self

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

I wish that I knew what I know now, when I was younger

10 Brownie points for anyone who knows which song that comes from. Hint: ask your parents.

I've done one of these before, possibly two before but I was thinking about things that I wish I knew back when I was a teen. Yes, yes, I am only twenty two years old and to some people I'm young and to others, I'm considered old but I still consider myself a bit of babby. A babby that can legally drink, drive and vote that is...

Feel free to add your own advice in the comment section and more importantly, please feel free to take any of this advice and apply it to your own life. A little known fact about me is that I actually like it when people tell me their problems about their personal life and I like to offer my advice to people. I've been told by one or two people that I'm quite good at giving advice but sometimes I find that I get too wrapped up in other people's business and then get slightly frustrated that they don't always take my advice. But enough of that, here's some advice that I would like to give to my younger self and I've made it easier to read as I've separated the advice into different categories.


  • You have an allergy to gluten so try and avoid it where and when you can
  • Please cut down on all those sugary drinks you drink. They're not doing your health any good - especially your teeth.
  • You will always be an anxious person but as you get older, you will understand your anxiety more and learn how to deal with it.
  • Please watch You Tube tutorials on how to apply makeup before attempting to do it yourself
  • You're an introvert so take time out and recharge yourself
  • Don't worry so much. It's easier said than done but worrying about stuff accomplishes nothing and just makes you miserable.
  • Overthinking is a killer so try and get on with life
  • You'll learn how to accept the way you look.
  • Sometimes you need to become your own best friend. Sounds weird but stay with me here. Compliment yourself and look after yourself. Find out new hobbies and interests and spend time with yourself. 
  • You spend your entire time on this planet with yourself so you need to get use to how you look an the way you are.
  • If you complain about something but don't plan on doing anything about it, then don't complain, it's as simple as that. Hint: You learn this from working in the catering industry.


  • Take out a pension as soon as possible when you get your first job.
  • It's always better to add your own money into your pension pot. To work out how much to put into your pension, take how much you earn in a month then half your age and with that number turn it into a percentage and take that of your monthly income. For example, say I earn £100 a month (not my monthly income) and I'm 22 years old. Half of 22 is 11 so minus 11% from £100 which is £11 and add that to your pension pot. It doesn't sound like a lot but if you think that there's 12 months in a year and you'll probably be working for the next 50 years...
  • It's never to early to start saving for a car/uni/deposit on a house
  • By saving money at a young age, you'll find saving money as you get older a lot easier - trust me.


  • Make the most out of being in education. You spend most of your life out of education so please just make the most of it.
  • Don't stress about the exams you're about to take. You can always retake them, it may not be ideal but there's always a plan b in case you don't get your grades
  • Keep in contact with people when you leave education. It's always nice to see what people are up to years later.
  • Instead of hanging around with people at school who don't really include you in their conversation, take yourself of to the library and study for your exams. Standing around with them is/was pointless.
  • You're not a naturally smart girl so just because your friends aren't revising doesn't mean you can get away with not doing any, you do however have a pretty good memory which means you do need to revise. 

People you meet

  • Forgive people but don't forget.
  • You can't blame being unhappy or angry or any other emotion on other people. Sure, they might contribute to how you feel but at the end of they day: you are in control of your body and mind. Remember, he who angers you, conquers you.
  • You'll get over him
  • Just be nice to people, it honestly doesn't cost anything.
  • "If you can't love yourself, how the hell you gonna love somebody else?"
  • People who constantly talk bad about you behind your back can often mean that they feel insecure about themselves. Or they're probably jealous about something. 

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Worth The Hype? | Benefit Double The Lip Lipstick

Monday, 9 October 2017

Is it worth the hype?

Another little series in my 'is it worth the hype?' blog posts! A few backs, I noticed that Elle had a benefit freebie that came with their magazine and I'm just a sucker for freebies so I went ahead and bought it.

As far as I'm aware, there was three shades to choose from but at my local Tesco, there was only one magazine left which meant that was the only option I could have. Luckily, it was the shade that I would picked if I had the choice and it's called Revved Up - Red. If I'm correct, there was also a nude colour and a pinky colour as well but I already have a few nude shades and pink shades don't really suit me so I'm glad I was left with this shade!

Benefit's concept behind this lipstick was for it to also contain a lip liner as well as a lipstick. Pretty much a 'kill two birds with one stone' kinda idea which does sound pretty snazzy. I'll be honest though, I don't actually line my lips but that's mainly down to me being lazy. I also have quite a full top lip which is another reason why I don't line them or create a fuller top lip.

When I first tried to apply it, I wasn't really keen on it. To be honest, I kinda hated it. My lips were a bit on the dry side so when I applied it, it felt so rough on my lips. It was almost like I had to drag it across my lips but that can be easily fixed with a bit of lip balm before applying. 

Now, I just want to get a few negative thoughts out of the way. Firstly, I find the whole applying thing to be quite 'tricky'. If you can see from the photo above, the lip liner part is at the top of the lipstick which makes perfect sense when using it on the top lip. But when it comes to the bottom lip, it just feels weird having to flip the lipstick upside down to put onto your bottom lip. I also didn't really know what to do when I wanted to fill in the corners of my lips (I have full lips but quite a small mouth so sometimes I find applying lipstick a bit tricky, I know...sounds weird.) Do you I add the lip liner part to the corners of my mouth or the actual lipstick to the corners of my mouth?

Please ignore my hairy hand

Another thing that I don't really understand is that when I apply the lipstick, it comes out the same colour. I assumed that part of it would be a bit darker but when I apply it onto my lips and when I swatch it onto my hand, it just comes out as one colour. 

Now that the negatives are out of the way, let's talk about the positive stuff

The colour (despite it being just one colour...) is actually really nice and I would totally try and rock it on a night out even though I do think that darker plum tones suit my skin tone more. Also, the fact that it's a tear drop in my opinion does make it a lot easier to apply to my lips - apart from the corners of my lips. Whilst wearing it, it does feel quite lightweight and I can't really tell that I am wearing anything. It also has a really nice smell to it, I find that it has a bit of a marzipan scent to it. I'm not sure if it does though because I have a bit of a cold right at the moment so my sense of smell and taste aren't brilliant.

Now for the million dollar it worth the hype? 

Yes and no.

Does it do what it's suppose to do? Not really, when wearing it on my lips, I can't really see that I am wearing the lip liner on my lips but if it came as just a lipstick then it would be perfect. Basically, if I had bought this online and paid full price, I would be disappointed because I would expect to actually see a bit of lip liner on my lips but seeing as it was a freebie, I can't really complain.

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The App That Everyone Needs On Their Phone

Thursday, 5 October 2017

The ideal app for every student 

Extra cash. Regardless of our financial situations, it's always nice to get a little bit of extra cash. You can put it towards the weekly food shop, a months amount of petrol or even towards a holiday. Whatever it might be for, extra cash isn't something that you'd turn down.

Probably about a year ago (yes, I've been planning to right this post for a really long time now) I downloaded this app called Receipt Hog as a way of earning a tiny bit more cash. I had mixed feelings towards this app when I first downloaded because I didn't think it was actually going to work but let me explain what this app actually does...

All you need to do with this app is to take photos of your receipts that you get from doing your shopping and then upload them onto the app! So you can see that I currently have 237 coins on my app so far and I need to earn enough of them for it to actually get changed into real life dolllaaaaaaar. If you're not interested in having the actual cash then you can alternatively use the coins you've collected to get yourself Amazon gift cards.

So that's all you need to do in order to get yourself some extra money! Collect all the receipts that you get from when doing your shopping and upload photos of them onto the app. Wait for them to be processed and then depending on the store you've bought from and how much you spend will determine how many coins you get. The more you spend in store means the more coins the receipts are worth. Some receipts don't always = coins, if you can see closely on the above photo on the right where it says camera is a button called slots. I completely forgot to take a photo of this but there is a slot machine which you spin to see if you can get extra coins or even actual cash!

I will say this though, it does take a long time to actually get enough coins for some real money. Here's what you need to collect if you live in the UK

1500 coins = £5
2850 coins = £10
5300 coins = £20
12000 coins = £50

And here's what you need to collect if you live in the US

1000 coins = $5
2900 coins = $10
4300 coins = $25
6500 coins = $40

Like I said, it did take me a long time to actually earn any money. As soon as I got to the 1500 coin mark I opted for the £5 because I wanted to see if it actually worked and I'm very happy to say that it does! All the money is sent via paypal and it took about a week for it to get into my account and ever since then I've been taking photos of my receipts like a mad woman. I've even got my mum on it as well!

Despite it taking a good few months for me to actually earn any money, it was pretty easy and simple to do. I wasn't actually going out of my way to do any of it because it literally takes about two seconds to take a photo and upload it on to it. By the way, taking a photo of it and uploading it all done on the app so again, it's really easy and simple to use. Receipt Hog won't accept any receipts that are two weeks out of date and you can't upload more than three of the same store receipts in the same day. It also needs to be able to see the whole receipt in order for it to work i.e. it needs to see the store name, the amount you spent, the time you went in, the date etc. If the receipt doesn't work then it'll let you know and you can always retake it if you still have it.

Overall this is a pretty handy app for you to have. Once you've got back from your shopping all you have to do is just to take a photo of it and upload and voila, it's all done for you. 

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